Construction /

Test equipment for Communications industry

As a partner supporting efforts to raise work efficiency at sites of communication infrastructure, which continue to evolve, we deal with various types of measurement equipment and submarine cable protection systems. We are also actively working to develop products for 5G, next-generation high-speed wireless communication.

Railway industry equipment and material

We contribute to the development of Japan's railway industry in several ways. We provide rubber panels for railway construction and solution to prevent animals such as deer, boar from collision with trains where primarily from Europe, the birthplace of railways. We satisfy our customer’s needs.

Building material, HVAC equipment

We supply air conditioning and Building material for creating pleasant spaces in various types of buildings.
With the goal of providing comfort, energy-efficiency and quality designs, we supply high added-value air outlets and air-water systems etc.

Safety and protection equipment and materials

The scope of workplace safety is dramatically expanding. We develop and supply easy-to-use, effective products for all parts of the body, from head to toe. These include protective garments for workers in steel plant and gloves for workers in car plant.

Offshore wind field

We deal with materials suitable for a wide-range of applications that already have a proven track record overseas, including cable protection systems and various types of buoys necessary for both bottom-mounted and floating off-shore wind power generators.