Message from CEO

Since the establishment of the Harada Corporation in 1923, we have moved forward together with the development of Japan's industry, primarily through trade with overseas manufacturers. In recent years, we have also poured energy into overseas development and are currently carrying out local business smoothly from our bases in nine cities.

Nowadays, the business environment for general trading companies such as ourselves is changing drastically from one day to the next, thanks in part to developments in breakthough technologies such as the IoT and AI, and at an astonishing pace. Amid this, we intend to be a company that not only fulfills the roles it has played up till now as a trading company, but also quickly provides services and ideas that only we can offer as value added, that responds to customers' diverse needs in a timely manner, and that walks together with our customers and at times even pulls them along.

In recent years in the field of medicine, we have taken on the challenge of clinical trials for medical devices for rare diseases and after years of effort, have reached the point of being able to offer them for sale. We take great pleasure in making patients and doctors so happy and in being able to make our own small contribution by sending devices out into the world that were not available before.

With an eye on the upcoming 100th anniversary of our founding, we proclaimed our corporate ideal anew, centering on "challenges". "Challenge, the origin of all. Make the best move." We set it as our mission in our day-to-day work to continue to be a partner in innovation who together creates the optimum way as one who takes up a challenge.

Toward a world
in which everyone feel delight
and pride through challenges.

We hope that even small challenges will support us in large challenges and before you know they will become opportunities for us to connect with more of you.

President and Chief Executive Officer
 Satoru Harada