Challenge, the origin of all.

Make the best move.


Harada Corporation's MISSION is
what we perform every day to show our raison d'etre,
our VISION is what we create through the MISSION,
our VALUE is what we offer to society,
our SPIRIT is what we hold important in our work,
and our SLOGAN is what we simply express
by one phrase as our corporate philosophy.
Harada Corporation will continue to challenge and grow
with these words in our hearts.


The mission we fulfill every day

As challengers ourselves,
we keep co-creating the best move
to be a partner for innovation.


The future we want to create

Toward a world in which
everyone feel delight and
pride through challenges.


The values we offer to society

  • Challenging

    Create a new culture through challenges.

  • Unique Perspectives

    Propose the best move inspired by unique perspectives.

  • Pride

    Perform valuable work of which all feel proud together.

  • Exceptional Quality

    Focus on exceptional quality at every moment.

  • Co-creation, Co-growth

    Continue to be a partner to challenge and grow together.