Privacy Policy

Harada Corporation (hereinafter called “We”) recognize the importance of personal information, decide on our policy of personal information protection as shown below, build up our protection system of personal information of our customers which we obtain, use, manage, etc. and thereby push forward our personal information protection, instructing all our employees to get aware of the importance of personal information protection and work on the protection thoroughly under the system.

1.Management of Personal Information

We keep our customers’ personal information correct and updated, and in order to prevent any of unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information (hereinafter called “unauthorized access etc.”), we carry out all necessary measures, including improvement of the maintenance/management of our security system, thoroughgoing employee training, etc., for further strict management of personal information.
Also, as part of improvement of our services, we measure this website, using Google, Inc.’s Google Analytics. With “Cookies,” text files created by the tool, we make an analysis from time to time, when there is possibility that part of customer information, such as IP addresses, is collected by Google, Inc. Results of this analysis are used only for the purposes of checking usage situation of the website, making out reports to the website operator and providing other services to our customers. Users shall be deemed to have allowed Google to do such data processing by the method and for the purposes above when using this website. * “Cookies” can be rejected on customers’ browsers. Setting for this is different from browser to browser.

There may be links to other websites provided on our website, and we shall not be responsible for any personal information protection on such websites other than ours.

2.Intended Use of Personal Information

All personal information we keep from our customers is used for the purposes below.

1. Replying to inquiries from our customers.

2. Shipping goods ordered, purchased, etc. by our customers.

3. Management of contractual relationship with our customers.

4. Market survey and development of new products and services.

5. Announcement of various campaigns etc.

6. Others associated with or related to the above.

In case we obtain or use any personal information for purposes other than the above, we ask our customers for approval prior to obtaining it.

3.No Disclosure nor Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We properly manage our customers’ personal information kept by ourselves and never disclose it to any third party except for cases where any of the following applies.
In case :

1. we are in receipt of the customer’s prior consent;

2. we need to disclose it to our subcontractors in order to perform our services requested by the customer;

3. laws and regulations require us to disclose it;

4. such disclosure is necessary for protecting someone’s life, body or properties, and it is difficult to obtain prior consent from the customer;

5. such disclosure is especially necessary for improvement of public health or promoting sound development of children, and it is difficult to obtain consent from the customer;

6. it is necessary to cooperate with national or local government agencies or their trustees performing duties under law, and there is possibility of the duties being hampered by obtaining consent from the customer.

4.Response to Unauthorized Access

Should any unauthorized access etc. be found, we take appropriate countermeasures, making the facts open to the public, notifying our customers, etc. immediately.

5.Inquiry about Personal Information

In case our customers want to inquire about their personal information or have it corrected, deleted or updated, we respond with such requests in accordance with law and our own rules only when we can confirm they come from the customers themselves under our separately designated procedure.

6.Compliance with Law, Regulations and Review

We comply with all the Japanese laws and regulations applicable to personal information and also review our Privacy Policy from time to time for improvement.


As for inquiries about our handling of personal information, please contact us at the following.

Harada Corporation
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