Our Vision (the future we hope to build) is stated as “Toward a world in which everyone feel delight and pride through challenges.”
These words embrace our wish to treasure the challenge of becoming able to do even small things today that were impossible yesterday, and to do what we can do to make as a better world as possible.
Holding this Vision close in our mind, we will continue working to contribute to the 2030 goals of the SDGs and to the subsequent achievement of a circular economy.

President and Chief Executive OfficerSatoru Harada

  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Officer Council
  • Sustainability Promotion Council (Directors, Executive Officers, Executive Managers)
  • Sustainability Promotion Council

    【Content of meetings】
    Checking of progress in the targets/action plans
    Areas for improvement regarding the content of the SDGs initiatives
    Sharing of latest information on the SDGs
    About the potential for new projects and new businesses related to the SDGs
    Public relations and reports related to the SDGs

  • Activities to address the SDGs

    ・Follow-ups of the goals and action plans
    ・Measurement/monitoring of SDGs goals and action plans
    ・Extraordinary meetings
    ・Education on the SDGs

for promoting

The Sustainability Promotion Council has been established in April 2021 with the achievement of a sustainable society as its goal.

To steadily execute on the four priority issues that we have set, the council will take on the challenge of the SDGs across the company, using sustainable methods.