Confectionery and bakery factory food processing equipment

As for production/processing equipment and material supply/management systems that employ leading European technology, we offer a full line of services, from sales to after-sales service. This equipment includes confectionery and bread sheeting machines, such as the continuous aerating mixer Mondomixer.

Food product raw materials

Under the concept of "proposing new food culture, " we provide materials and additives for the dairy, confectionery, and bakery industries, primarily from long-established European companies, and supply the most appropriate products to meet the various needs of individual customers.

Food processing plant sanitation control equipment and materials

We deal with sanitation products to prevent foreign object contamination at food processing plants. These include gloves, masks, and aprons. We are also proposing a control system that complies with HACCP obligations.

Uniforms for food processing plant employees

We develop and supply uniforms and caps to prevent problems related to foreign objects, hair, and dirt, including HACCP compliant products, which are required at food processing plants. We provide products that ensure the comfort of users and give the greatest priority to achieving an effect by simply wearing the item.

Beverage equipment and materials

Under the concept of "creating new culture," we provide not only dispensing devices and materials necessary for serving beverages at restaurants, such as beer towers, but also tools that lead to corporate and product branding.

Restaurant industry equipment and materials

Making use of cutting-edge functional materials, we develop new products such as kitchen towels. Furthermore, we create new standards for problematic workplace operations in the restaurant industry.