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Be safe Be comfortable

Sometimes safety and comfort can come into conflict. While balancing these two elements can be difficult, if we utilize new ideas and the latest technology, not only can we protect the paramount physical safety of the people working under harsh labor conditions on-site, but we can also give them the comfort to concentrate on their work. This kind of craftsmanship is our mission, and we work hard at it every day.

Global manufacturer of Lakeland protective clothing

We offer global standard chemical protective clothing from Lakeland, a U.S. company of which we are the exclusive distributor.
We offer a full lineup of chemical protective clothing that meets the strict quality standards required for safety performance, can respond to any risk, and is used at sites around the world.

FINE GUARD PRO® protective clothing series

Having created a vast array of protective clothing over the years, we confidently bring you a carefully thought-out series of original protective clothing.
Developed with meticulous attention to detail, we offer high-quality protective clothing that combines "safety" with "comfort."

Grippaz Patented Non-Slip Glovess

These internationally patented nitrile gloves provide a new level of gripping power and have revolutionized work gloves used daily around the world.
These "semi-disposable gloves" boast superior elasticity, durability and oil resistance that guarantee real grip when grabbing something.

Efforts toward next-generation safety measures

In an era of rapid changes, dizzying trends, and technological innovation, responding quickly is an absolute necessity.
We continue to be active as partners in developing next-generation safety measures that incorporate SDGs, AI, and IoT, making the best use of our own network that stretches all over the world.


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Safety and protection equipment and materials.

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