Safety and protection equipment and materials

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Be safe Be comfortable

Sometimes safety and comfort can come into conflict. While balancing these two elements can be difficult, if we utilize new ideas and the latest technology, not only can we protect the paramount physical safety of the people working under harsh labor conditions on-site, but we can also give them the comfort to concentrate on their work. This kind of craftsmanship is our mission, and we work hard at it every day.

Business for Chemical and Petroleum Plants

We provide a wide range of global standard products, including chemical protective clothing of Lakeland Industries, Inc. USA for whom we serve as the exclusive distributor in Japan.
We protect the safety of workers from toxic chemicals handled at chemical and petroleum plants etc. and propose a comfortable working environment to them.

Personal Protective Equipment

We handle a wide range of PPE that is essential in preparation for unpredictable natural disasters and infectious diseases (pandemics).
We are pleased to offer optimal proposals based on our extensive global supply network built through decades of our business activities.

Business for steel and incineration plants

We are working with European fabric manufacturers to develop fire resistant protective garments that can be safely used in steel plants where molten steel splashes fly, undertake final processing in Asia, and then supply the products to customers in Japan and overseas. We also gather the opinions of people actually working on the front lines and develop protective garments from a customer perspective.

Environment/energy saving business

By suppling various customers, mainly major car manufacturers, with energy-efficient products and materials, we contribute to their environmental measures and efforts to increase energy efficiency. These products have begun to be used at not only domestic plants in Japan but also local plants in foreign countries that our customers operate in.


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Safety and protection equipment and materials.

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