HVAC equipment, metallic powder, foils

AIF Team-Construction-

Create a space full of value

Unite comfort and nice designs, and provide pleasure and delight to people in their lives. We will fuse the world’s and Japanese original technologies and ideas, and contribute to creating highly energy-efficient architectural spaces.

Air outlets for office building

Various office buildings are constructed for various purposes.
Office buildings are required by there users to be a space with high intellectual productivity, creativity, and comfortability.
We offer proposals a space that makes the most of the energy efficiency, design, and comfort of air conditioning facilities.

Displacement ventilation outlets for factories

Air conditioning environments required by factory
production sites are different from production item to item. We propose air conditioning equipment that meets the broad needs of both Japanese and overseas customers, ranging from those related to strict air conditioning management required at the site to those related to comfort for workers, reduction in CO2 emissions and costs, etc.

Metallic powder, foils

We deal with various products such as the thinnest copper and zinc alloy foils and nickel/nickel-silver, copper alloy, and aluminum powder. 

The main uses of foils are for surface finishings, surface processing, etc., and those for powders are for paints, ink pigment, and sintered parts. These products are flexibly used in a wide range of applications.


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HVAC equipment, metallic powder, foils .

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