Test equipment for Communications industry /
Railway industry equipment and material

AIF Team-Communications-

A technology group that supports the smarter next-generation infrastructures

Communications infrastructures accelerating digital transformations related to fiber, 5G and IoT deployments,and social infrastructures such as railways, electric power, and roads. In the aim of maintaining infrastructures to be safer, tougher, and more sustainable, we provide support for infrastructure buildings and maintenance with our cutting-edge knowledge and technology.

Test equipment for Communications industry

Communication infrastructure products

We sell numerous types of equipment to major communication, power, railway, and construction companies. This includes EXFO's test equipment for 100G, optical fibers and copper cables that support the construction and maintenance of wiring for the latest high-speed, high-capacity infrastructure and LAN/Data Centers, and Softing's WireXpert, a LAN cable tester and certifier.
We support efforts to raise work efficiency at sites of communication infrastructure that continue to evolve.

Cable protector for submarine cables

We sell the cable protector URADUCT developed by England-based Trelleborg Offshore UK Ltd. to protect submarine cables from the ocean's harsh environment. It is possible to effectively protect communication and power companies' submarine cables from shocks and friction.

5G, high-speed wireless communication

As a new challenge, we are also moving forward with the development of products to meet demand for 5G, next-generation high-speed wireless network. Through this work, we will expand the business and contribute to society.

Railway industry equipment and material

Railway infrastructure products

In addition to construction parts and materials required for track maintenance, we deal with fiber-optic track monitoring systems that help trains run smoothly. One of our new efforts is providing Japanese manufacturers that produce railway rolling stock for export with parts that meet EN standards.


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Test equipment for Communications industry/Railway industry equipment and material.

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