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Basic Procurement Policy /
Basic Compliance Policy /
Code of Conduct

Human Rights Policy

HARADA CORPORATION (hereinafter called “we, our or us”) considers respecting human rights to be one of the important elements in its business activities, supports and respects international standards on human rights, and will promote business activities in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This policy applies to all officers and employees of we and its group companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Company”). Also, we expect all business partners and concerned parties to support this policy.

Respect for human rights

We will not allow discrimination based on the race, ethnicity, beliefs, gender, social status, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation, sexual identify, physical disorder or mental disorder and will strive to respect such diversity and discourage violations of human rights in the business activities.

Give consideration to human rights issues

  • Work environment

    We will establish and maintain an environment in which all officers and employees are in good health and able to work safely and with peace of mind. In addition, we will comply with the applicable laws and regulations in the countries and regions in which we conduct business activities, and respect workers’ rights, such as working hours, days off, holidays, and wages.

  • Harassment

    We will not tolerate any harassment, including sexual harassment, power harassment, maternity harassment, and care harassment.

  • Freedom of association

    We will respect workers’ rights, such as freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining in labor-management relations.

  • Forced labor

    We will not tolerate any form of modern slavery, including forced labor, bonded labor, and human trafficking.

  • Child labor

    We will not tolerate child labor and will comply with the minimum working age set forth in the applicable laws.

  • Impact on local communities

    If our business activities may have an impact in the local community, such as the land rights, access to water, health, rights of the native people, we will fulfill its responsibility to the local community and respect the human rights in the community.

  • Environment and climate change

    We will promote a sustainable energy strategy by reducing GHG emissions through the business activities and strive to take actions for climate change.

Our awareness

We will provide the necessary training sessions for all officers and employees to promote awareness of human rights, understanding of this policy, and more appropriate actions.

Supply chain

If it is discovered that our business activities cause negative impacts on human rights or encourage human rights violations through a business relationship, such as the supply chain, we will work to correct and relieve such situation through proper procedures.

Basic Procurement Policy

As a globally active general trading company, HARADA CORPORATION (hereinafter called “we, our or us”) is aware that as part of the global supply chain it should fulfill its social responsibility towards the realization of a sustainable society. Given this, we ask its officers, employees, and all suppliers to agree with and implement the following basic policy. We will continue its efforts to improve human rights, the environment and work conditions.
We ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.

  • Legal compliance and respect
    for international standards

    • Comply with the international standards and national laws and regulations applicable to the business activities
  • Respect for human rights

    • Prohibit all discrimination
    • Prohibit forced labor and child labor
    • Prohibit unreasonably long working hours
    • Appropriate management of employees’ working hours, days off, holidays, and wages in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations
    • Prohibit all forms of harassment
    • Respect the freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
  • Environmental protection

    • Establish an environmental management system
    • Properly manage the chemical substances relating to the handled products
    • Promote recycling
    • Actively work to protect the global environment
  • Fair transactions

    • Compliance with the related laws and regulations, fair transactions, and thorough prevention of corruption
    • Respect intellectual property
    • Prohibit the abuse of dominant positions
    • Responsible mineral procurement
  • Occupational safety and health

    • Establish a work environment where employees can work safely and with peace of mind
    • Manage employee health
    • Secure safety and health at the facilities
  • Quality control

    • Conduct appropriate quality control
    • Secure product safety
    • Provide accurate product and service information
  • Information security and
    personal information protection

    • Establish a defense against cyberattacks
    • Protect personal information in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations
    • Prevent the leak of confidential information

Basic Compliance Policy

  • With the aim of fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, we will comply with the laws, regulations, and rules.
  • We will establish and promote a Code of Conduct for corporate officers and employees based its policy.
  • We will promote an open compliance system within the company.

We define “Compliance” as responding to social requirements, including societal norms and corporate ethics, in addition to legal compliance.

Code of Conduct

  • We understand the Basic Compliance Policy and strive to work in a faithful, fair, and reliable manner.
  • When profits conflict with Compliance, we will choose Compliance without hesitation.
  • If there is a concern about the Basic Compliance Policy or Compliance, we will promptly take the appropriate response.
  • We are aware that we are accountable for our decisions, and we will think and act independently.