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Offshore wind field

Solution for fixed-bottom type Offshore Wind

Offshore wind power generation, which is being introduced and disseminated worldwide, mainly in Europe, is one of the major pillars of renewable energy, because it has various advantages, such as stability of wind conditions, compared with onshore wind power. The introduction plan of such wind power is steadily advancing in Japan as well.
The Machinery Team has been contributing to the introduction and dissemination of offshore wind power in Japan by promptly providing domestic customers with advanced technologies and unique products adopted in the European cases where large-scale commercialization is possible.

Solution for floating type Offshore Wind

Besides fixed-bottom type offshore wind power generation, floating offshore wind power generation is also attracting attention for commercialization in the near future. The Machinery Team has been working together to commercialize floating offshore wind power generation domestically by providing domestic customers with the know-how and solutions of the overseas companies with abundant experiences in the oil & gas fields.

Marine energy development

Submarine Cable Solutions

Many submarine cables for power and communications field have been laid in the world, and a great deal of demand is expected to continue in the future too.
The Machinery Team has been proposing optimal solutions (cable protection products, floating buoys, etc.) for laying power cables for offshore wind power generation and communications cables necessary for the Internet environment.

Other Solutions

The Machinery Team also offers a variety of other solutions, including providing analysis services for cable behavior and optimum cable protections in the sea and more efficiency of operations on and in the sea by using unique connectors.


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