Confectionery and bakery factory food processing equipment

Food Machinery Team / Mondmix Japan

Global technologies x Japanese deliciousness

As food becomes more globalized, Japanese cuisine is gaining attention at home and abroad for its high quality.
We will provide customized Food Processing Equipment that brings together knowledge and technology from around the world, and continue to be the best partner in creating Japan quality.

Haas-Mondomix B.V. / Continuous aerator Mondomixer

Mondomixer is a continuous aerator for liquid products. We support greater productivity by proposing the best production processes based on our proven experience.
With the establishment of Mondomix Japan, Inc., a joint venture with the company Mondomix in Holland, we have created an environment that makes it possible to deal with the full range of operation, from sales to after service, within Japan.
Mondomixer has step forwarded to the next stage in continue to evolve based on the experience acquired in various fields, including confectionery, bakery, dairy, and nonfood, over many years.

Rademaker B.V. / Industrial sheeting equipment for bakery and confectionery

Rademaker values the skills and sense of bread artisans. The company has built the foundation for a standard in this new era of both quality that maintains artisans' skills and productivity to meet market demands.
We are Rademaker’s exclusive distributor in Japan

Sancassiano S.p.a / Industrial mixer for bakery and confectionery

Sancassiano has finally achieved a completely new style through repeated trials and developments. The mixer that the company developed is the Hydra Mixer, which has grown to become its number one product in terms of sales and generated a new sensation in Europe.
Sancassiano selected Harada Corporation as its partner in Japan for the next market because of our achievement in the Japanese industrial confectionery and bakery.
We are moving forward together.

Houdijk Holland B.V. / Cookie – biscuit feeding and capper

Machines dramatically improves capacity and efficiency that others cannot follow.
Houdijk’s capper has sound capabilities, and we have acquired the agency rights.
Houdijk provides design that meet all the needs required in production site.


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Confectionery and bakery factory food processing equipment.

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