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Create exciting new cultures in food

With the rising global population and changes to our lifestyles, the food and beverage world is at a turning point.
Anticipating the changes ahead and with novel thoughts and ideas of our own, we will work together with our partners around the world to create new value and new culture in food and beverages that anyone would be excited about.

Food product raw materials

Creating a New Food Culture Responding to the Diverse Expansion of Lifestyles

earthmeat™ is a friendly vegetable meat born in Europe. It is a high-protein, fiber-rich, cholesterol-free (*) healthy food, but its texture is meat itself. It is a plant-based food that is attracting much attention from the viewpoints of responding to the possible “protein crisis” from the global overpopulation and also of contributing to the sustainable development goals (SDGs). The earthmeat has received very high praise from professionals in the food industry for its distinctive chicken-like real textile feeling. Through the earthmeat, which both those who cannot eat meat and those who love eating it can enjoy, we will contribute to a future where all people have a choice of "delicious food."

※: Content per 100g of nutritional components = Protein 19.7g, Dietary fiber 6.4g, Cholesterol 0mg

Journey on new food technology and culture – Import and supply of food ingredients

For many years, HARADA has been a dependable supplier of food ingredients, mainly for dairy and bakery industry in Japan. The product range includes stabilizer systems for dairy companies and releasing agents for industrial bakeries.
Our mission is to create exciting new cultures in food. Exploration of advanced food technologies especially in healthy, natural choices overseas is one of our most-focused areas.
Sound knowledge on food market and compliance gained by long-term businesses with globally-established partners contributes to genuine trust from our Japanese customers as well as our suppliers.

Beverage equipment and materials

Develop, import, and sell beverage equipment and materials

For more than twenty years, we have dealt with serving equipment and material for Japanese beer and beverage industries. Having started with importing products from overseas suppliers, mainly European ones, we undertake a wide range of works including co-development with both Japanese and overseas companies. Under the concept of "creating a new culture," we will keep challenging to provide tools which expand new fun in food life and support branding customer’s products.

Overseas expansion support

Leveraging the know-how acquired over almost thirty years of doing business in Japan, we are accelerating the export and triangular trade with various regions, including Asia, Europe, CIS, and Oceania. We undertake various activities including arranging imports and exports, finding and coordinating local overseas partners, and building business schemes in line with local business flows.


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