Cleanroom garments /
Uniforms for food processing plant employees /
Custom-made uniforms

Functional Apparel Team

Pursue function-ability in apparel products
so customers can find joy and pride in "wearing"

The word “apparel” reminds us of the excitement that clothing, fashion, and casual style can bring to our lives. But apparel products need to be more than that; they also need functionality. By pursuing the development of functionality that sets us apart, we want to provide an environment where clothing inspires excitement and fills people with vitality.

Cleanroom garments

"SUPERIOR", clean room garments

As for clean rooms in semiconductor and electronic component factories, we plan, manufacture, and sell garments and hoods for the various cleanliness classes stipulated by ISO standards. In response to customer demands, we also deal with special orders.

Uniforms for food processing plant employees

"VERSATILE", clean garments for food processing plants

Toting the idea of "no foreign object contamination," we plan, manufacture, and sell clothing, hoods, and accessories for food plants that incorporate functional materials. We ask customers about operation-related issues and requests and propose solutions that result in a better work environment.

Custom-made uniforms

Custom-made working garments "EX. WORKERS"

Under the three concepts of "ease of movement," "comfortable," and "stylish," we conduct small-lot production of work garments and office uniforms that meet the demands of customers who need functional but stylish garments and customers who want to improve their corporate image. We are able to meet meticulous demands by inquiring about work details and required functions and proposing fabrics and designs.


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Cleanroom garments/Uniforms for food processing plant employees/Custom-made uniforms.

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