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The announcement of taking over the business of EFER-DUMON BRONCHOSCOPE

In the 1980s Doctor Jean-François DUMON, a French pioneer in interventional bronchoscopy, developed with EFER ENDOSCOPY a modular bronchoscope followed by instrumentation designed for the placement of silicone stents in the trachea or the bronchi.
Since then, EFER ENDOSCOPY has continuously improved the BRONCHOSCOPE EFER-DUMON rendering it the most adapted instrumentation to the techniques elaborated by Doctor Dumon.

The EFER-DUMON BRONCHOSCOPE, which is currently marketed in more than 40 countries throughout the world, remains the reference instrumentation in this field due to its quality and unique ergonomics.

In parallel, EFER ENDOSCOPY developed an activity of industrial endoscopy through the design and manufacture of various video endoscopic systems mainly dedicated to the control in the aeronautical, civil, and military fields as well as in the nuclear industry. This has been its main business for many years.

For the EFER-DUMON BRONCHOSCOPE to remain a strong global influence worthy of its reputation, it became necessary to devote to it human, material, and logistic means more important than what EFER ENDOSCOPY currently provides.

EFER ENDOSCOPY has therefore decided to sell its bronchoscopy activity.
It appeared obvious that the manufacture and marketing should be transferred to one of our distributors active since the early days of the EFER-DUMON BRONCHOSCOPE's commercialization.

This is the reason why today EFER ENDOSCOPY announces the transfer of its EFER-DUMON BRONCHOSCOPE to the company HARADA CORPORATION which has complete knowledge of the product and its history, having followed its evolutions as an exclusive distributor in Japan for the past 25 years.

HARADA Corporation has the experience, the energy, and the required means to give the EFER-DUMON BRONCHOSCOPE its rightful place as the product of reference worldwide.

Please contact HARADA CORPORATION to define the terms and conditions for the resumption of business activity as well as any other useful information:

EFER ENDOSCOPY is proud to have been a part of the interventional bronchoscopy adventure for over 35 years and remains convinced that HARADA COPORATION will be able to perpetuate this activity so that the greatest number of physicians can continue using these techniques for patient care.