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Leveraging global niche networks

Business Co-Creation Team

Continuing to take on the challenges of business creation

Since our foundation, we have always adapted to the changing times and pioneered in getting new information to create new businesses.
The changes in the times are accelerating as such key words as "VUCA age," "Entry into different business fields" and "Game-changing" show, and more than you could name.
We are taking on the challenges of creating new businesses, by capturing these changes again as big opportunities.

Open Innovation

Corporate Accelerator Program

HARADA ACCELERATOR, under the theme of "challenger x challenger," we intend to pioneer a new era while also becoming a "challenger" ourselves, together with startups who are "challengers" boldly tackling challenges of the world.
We will explore various possibilities by establishing a wide range of target areas, including not only the existing 6 business areas but also other new areas.

As a general trading company that can simultaneously develop a wide range of businesses, we will provide support to such startups in their difficult-to-access markets by making the most of our flexibility and speediness and releasing the network of Harada Corporation, which we have cultivated in our nearly 100 years of history.

Leveraging global niche networks

Leveraging BtoB, BtoBtoC Networks

We will take on the challenges of creating businesses centered on "servicing and digitization" by leveraging our BtoB, BtoBtoC networks, which are unique to a trading company, for a wide range of industries and business fields listed below.

Offshore wind power generation, communication measurement, railway facilities, air-conditioning facilities, steel works, incinerators, automobile-related, electronics-related production plants, pharmaceuticals, medical (respiratory, maternity and gynecology), nursing care, food and beverages (confectionery, bakery, prepared dishes, etc.), restaurant chains, transportation and leisure industries, drug stores, home centers, etc.

Use of global networks

The relative values of doing business in the global market have been increasing against the backdrop of the shrinking domestic market thesedays.
We will use the overseas bases and networks we have cultivated over many years to accelerate our overseas businesses together with our partner companies.
・ Improving production efficiency and procurement efficiency at our partner companies
・ Support for overseas expansion by our partner companies

Leveraging knowledge of specialized or niche industries

Knowledge of industry-specific business practices and related laws and regulations, as well as information on issues at the front lines of industries, are important guidelines for new product development and new business entry.
We aim to be a product market fit while sharing this knowledge with manufacturers and start-up companies.
・ Expertise in each business area
(Production processes of manufacturers, hygiene management and operation in restaurant chains, business practices in retail distribution, etc.)
・ Access to and exploration of niche challenges
・ Knowledge on medical service-related matters such as the drug and equipment law


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