Equipment and materials for shipbuilding and ships

Machinery Team -Shipbuilding-

A new wind for Japan’s shipbuilding industry

We have grown alongside the shipbuilding industry - a symbol of Japan’s post-war reconstruction - for more than 60 years. We have built up dependable technology, trust, experience, and human connections. With the need for a shift to smart technology across a variety of production areas, we utilize our planning abilities as a trading company and make proposals to improve the industry’s working environment and operational efficiency.

Resin liner Chockfast

It was common practice to use metal liners when installing heavy equipment, such as main engines, in ships. In 1971, we introduced the first resin liner, but customers turned a blind eye to them. It has been 48 years since then, and it is now common practice to use Chockfast for installing heavy equipment. This reliable product with a proven track record is so popular among users that it is common for resin liners to be referred to as Chockfast, not the general term "resin liner."  We create new common practices through our many years of work in the shipbuilding field.

Total management of onboard water and waste treatment

We propose total management that extends from wastewater treatment equipment to waste processing equipment, which makes it possible to treat both waste and water on board. These include vacuum toilets for ships. Of these products, we have supplied more than 600 ships in Japan with vacuum toilets, which is proof of the peace of mind provided by and the trust customers have in the services we supply. We promise that we will not stop with simply supplying equipment but provide meticulous support that includes holding discussions on design and providing commissioning to use the equipment.

Proposing new standards for ship pipes

We handle a wide range of pipe-related products for ships that extend from new types of piping that do not require welding, such as push-fit and press fit piping, to slip-on joint pipe coupling and pipe penetration sealant materials. As a total supplier of energy-efficient piping, we propose the most appropriate piping and create new standards for ship piping.

Specialists in ship equipment and materials

We are particularly good at importing unique, innovative equipment and materials for ships, particularly products from Europe, and selling and providing those to shipyards throughout Japan. We will continue to serve as a reliable partner that provides customers with the best products by making use of our information gathering skills acquired over the years.


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Equipment and materials for shipbuilding and ships.

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