Pharmaceutical production, physical and chemical research, research equipment and materials

Lab Pharm Team

A pioneer of aseptic areas/clean room environments
who creates "what customers truly want"

Regenerative medicine and bio-pharmaceutical represent the start of a revolution in global medical treatment. To ensure quality and safety for drugs, pharmaceutical companies are required to make continuous improvements at environmental control for aseptic areas/clean rooms.
We are a global solution partner by providing our customers with advanced ideas and products that achieve harder quality control standards required.

Propose new sanitation control methods for sterile environments

We deal with decontaminants, decontamination equipment, and cleaning products that make it easy to maintain and improve sterile environments.
Efforts related to global harmonization of pharmaceuticals are moving forward, and we propose the world's leading products under the banner of thorough maintenance and control of sterile rooms and simplification of routine operations.
While incorporating trends from Europe, we have used our knowledge and experience accumulated over more than twenty years in the life sciences field in Japan to establish optimal protocols and provide customers with new ideas.

Planning and development of hygienic materials for clean rooms

Thorough maintenance management and production environments extend to the hygienic materials that are used on a day-to-day basis.
Almost all the products that we sell for clean rooms come with quality certificates and sterilization validation, which makes day-to-day quality control easier.
As a trading company, we utilize our mobility, flexibility, and information power to not only realize latent/potential needs, but also to commercialize and offer new concepts that we plan with manufacturers in Japan and oveseas.

Bringing Japan's superior technology overseas

"It looks like just a spray bottle, but it is the one that only Japan can make." We export such a unique spray bottle to the life science fields around the world.
This is one example of how we, as a global trading company, are spreading Japan's technologies toward the world.


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Pharmaceutical production, physical and chemical research, research equipment and materials.

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