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Consumer Products Team

Provide new experience in everyday life for your sensitivity to be stimulated.

We will create new experience which surprises you, excites you, and entertains you by connecting existing common ideas and things with new technologies and materials from the world, unique designs and concepts all together.

Developing products that only we can

Under the concept of “new standard”, we plan, manufacture, and sell products with the aim of creating new markets and expanding into the retail market including drug stores and home centers. In addition to selling products, we also actively strive to develop marketing in order to provide our users with a “pleasant and interesting” experience.
We do not stop at selling products but also actively strive to develop plans so that all users can be provided with a "pleasant and interesting" experience.

Providing OEM products that meet the needs of customers

We do not stop at introducing national brands but also conduct OEM production for customers private brands. Using our extensive network both in Japan and abroad, we conduct a full range of operations, including market research, product planning, production management, and delivery.


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