Industrial Indirect Materials

Clean Technology Team

Develop and Expand "the one and only" products on a global scale
and revolutionize the sites that support digital technology

There is a need for a revolution toward more precise technology for semiconductors, LCD, sensors, and the other electronic components that support the new era brought about by AI and IoT.
We are rolling out unique products around the world in the hope of creating a new era together with our customers.

Electronics industry

Products such as semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, and electronic components are indispensable for personal computers, smartphones, IoT, AI, and the greater use of electronics in automobiles. It is important that these products are produced in a cleanroom environment.
As a pioneer in the industry, we develop consumable products for cleanroom, such as gloves and wipers, and these products are used by many customers.
In recent years, we have worked to develop and sell products related to smart factories, automation, environmental measures (going halogen free, etc.), making work processes visualization, and energy saving.

Automobile industry

Because more extensive use is being made of electronics in cars in recent years, various needs have arisen, including needs related to increasing productivity, automating operations, simplifying processes, reducing weight, increasing energy efficiency, etc. 
Using the know-how related to increasing cleanliness and static electricity control measures acquired over the years, we not only develop products with strategic partners who possess unique technology but also provide solutions to the problems that production workplaces face.

Introduce H-TECH series products, our proprietary brand

We are developing products and services that meet the diverse needs of customers by using our network in Japan and overseas. We supply our own brand H-TECH series of gloves and wipers to customers not only in Japan but also overseas. This is very satisfying for customers who want to use the same quality products in both their plants in Japan and overseas.


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