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In addition to Ionizers, in order to solve the diverse problems facing in production lines, we utilize the best expertise and technologies from around the world in the aim of being a solution partner.

Specialists in Electrostatic Control

We have provided support for solutions to the various problems caused by electrostatic charges, such as bending, cracking, and sticking of glass substrates, damage to wafers and devices, malfunctioning of transfer and manufacturing equipment, and defective thin-film deposition during the vacuum processes. We work with customers to solve the various electrostatic problems related to static electricity that they face by proposing electrostatic control products with unique functions, such as Ultra-Clean Environment Ionizing Bars for advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes and Photo Ionizers for LCD and OLED industries.

Supports for solving problem with foreign substances

Foreign substances can get stuck on objects for any of various reasons, and once they come into contact, it is difficult to remove them. There are several responses to this including creating an environment that makes it difficult for foreign substances to attach, and removing foreign substances that are attached. In fact, there are many other things that ionizers can accomplish.
We work with customers to solve the foreign substance related problems they face in manufacturing processes by proposing any of various products, such as room ionizers that remove electrostatic charges throughout a large work area, pulse air-gun ionizers, and multi-function equipment that remove electrostatic charges, blow, and collect dust.

Proposals for visualization in manufacturing processes

In the workplace, there are many problems that are difficult to resolve because they are not visible and others for which it is difficult to confirm current conditions and their impact. As for electrostatic charges, air flow, particles, etc., we not only carry various measuring equipment, analysis tools, and tools for visualization that frontline workers will find useful, but also support efforts to make phenomena that occur at the workplace visible.

Overseas expansion

Using the experience and knowledge acquired in Japan, we are increasing exports of various types of products, mainly products for the electronics industry, to China and other Asian countries. Working with overseas offices and local partners, we provide after-sales services.


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