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We assure of making people's everyday life richer with gnew materials from all over the world,h gflexible ideash and gunlimited possibilities.h

For the consumer market whose needs are ever-changing, making the best use of our excellent networks and know-how that have taken us long to cultivate, we design and develop new products, based upon our core concepts of gnew materials from all over the world,h gflexible ideash and gunlimited possibilities,h in order to support our customers' everyday life through deliveries to drug stores, supermarkets, home centers, convenience stores, etc.

Sanitary Goods-Unwoven Fabric Mask

uxury Mask
gLuxury Maskh Series are high-value added masks whose materials, shapes and designs have got our special attention. Soft-touch unwoven fabric is used for the material on and around the mouth, a special design is adopted to make the face look slim and beautiful, and among others, packages with designs that make them look very attractive on the shelves have been prepared. A high functional 99% filter (BFE, VFE, PFE tested) and Omega()shape pleats with wider mouth space have been adopted.
Product Name JAN CORD
Pretty Woman's Luxury Mask 50 pcs. 4931839211946
Adult's Luxury Mask Premium 30 pcs. 4931839212110
Children's Luxury Mask 30 pcs. 4931839212028
Boy with Glasses' Luxury Mask 10 pcs. 4031839212127

gASADAAME's Humidifying Mask Natural Mentholh Series are functional masks that provide measures to protect the throat and mouth from dryness, keeping them moisturized by attaching a material with super high water-absorbing rates (wet filter) to a specially dedicated mask. Also, a refreshing feeling given by natural menthol makes them suitable for use in pollen allergy and flu seasons. These are collaboration goods with ASADAAME CO., LTD. whose cough candy called ASADAAME has been loved by Japanese people agelessly since its sale started in 1887.
Product Name JAN CORD
ASADAAME's Humidifying Mask Natural Menthol
Regular Size
ASADAAME's Humidifying Mask Natural Menthol
Small Size
These products can be offered on a gcustomh basis such as PB and OEM, according to requirements from various customers like drug stores, supermarkets, etc.

Coolant-Cool Scarf

Coolant-Cool Scarf
gCool Neck Collarh is a cool scarf that is used after its specially dedicated refrigerant gel is frozen in a freezer. It is best suited as countermeasures against heat on such occasions as sweltering nights, outdoor gardening, sports watching and doing sports.
Product Name JAN CORD
Cool Neck Collar
Polar Bear Blue
KOKIN antibacterial cloth
High Antibacterial Power

Antibacterial Power of KOKIN cloth becomes active when CELLGAIA® contacts water. It inhibits the propagation of bacteria in the cloth and keeps a good hygienic state. Copper Ions contained as antibacterial agents are very gradually eluted for release, so its effect continues for a long time. By repetition of inhibiting the proliferation of microbes and viruses, cross contamination can be restrained effectively as long as copper ions exist in KOKIN cloth.


CELLGAIAR is a paper and nonwoven fabric made of pulp consisting of cellulose fibers that incorporates zeolite, a natural mineral, crystalized artificially in the fibers at high density. CELLGAIA is a patented product in Japan, U.S., Canada, and Europe by Rengo. KOKIN cloth contains Copper CELLGAIA prepared by supporting copper ions on the zeolite.

The Natural Oven Paper
Natural greaseproof oven paper takes advantage of its high density fibers. Excellent for baking and cooking.

Heat Resistance & Greaseproof :

Since it does not contain any fluorine, PE film, and chemicals such as silicon, the natural oven paper can be used in both conventional and microwave ovens.

High Strength F

The virgin pulp from Northern European softwood used for the natural oven paper has high density fibers, so it is excellent in strength in both flow and lateral directions.

Chlorine Free & Unbleached :

Without using chlorine that is a trigger for dioxin emissions, the natural oven paper is unbleached, keeping wooden texture and is thus human body- and eco-friendly.

Water Vapor Permeability :

Without any surface processing with film etc., the natural oven paper can prevent food from deterioration in quality, such as flavor, due to stuffiness, keeping it very crisp . It can also be used for reheating in a microwave oven.

Food Grade F

The natural oven paper is internationally certified according to the Japanese food hygiene law, German BgVV, and U.S. FDA.

FSC Certified.
Shizen No Mikata (Water Quality Purifier)

Various kinds of troubles over grease trap maintenance can be solved by using Shizen No Mikata that has been improved to be more powerful. It surely helps you with cost reduction by decomposing sludge and oils, lightening the burden of cleaning and reducing odor. Although grease trap cleaning generally takes much cost, time and labor, it works very effectively just by putting it in your trap once a month. If you have troubles with your grease trap, why donft you contact us?