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There are problems associated with electrostatic charges in many industries ranging from electronics, semiconductors, flat panels, pharmaceuticals, film manufacturing, chemicals, and printings. We offer a variety of different solutions, including devices to remove the electrtostatic charge (ionizer) in order to resolve the problems in advanced ways for customers who have problems caused by electrostatic charges. We are also committed to resolving the problems related to dust and processes caused by electrostatic charges. We provide dependable solutions based on our experience and the successful record of achievements for many years.

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Our Records and Experience

We delivered devices that remove electrostatic charges (ionizers) to many electronics industry customers, including major semiconductor manufacturers and major LCD panel manufacturers. In particular, we have delivered many ionizers for clean room application that require a high level of cleanliness, and we are highly reputed among users. We also offer solution tools, such as electrostatic charge measuring instruments, conductive coatings, and particle counters.

Ionizer (Static Electricity Eliminating Device)

The ionizers (devices to remove the electrostatic charge) manufactured by MKS Instruments, U.S.A., are widely used to avoid problems due to electrostatic charges in the manufacturing processes of semiconductor and LCD display manufacturers. The ionizer is a device that will neutralize the imbalanced surface charge of the substance. We offer different types of corona discharge ionizers, like the ceiling emitter type installed in the ceiling of the clean room, and the bar type incorporated in the manufacturing equipment.

PhotoIonizer (Static Electricity Eliminating Device)

Photo ionizers (devices to remove the electrostatic charge) manufactured by Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. ionize the air with soft X-rays and can be used for applications that require much cleaner environment.


No air flow is required
High concentration of ions is realized
Ion balance over shooting can be avoided
Cleaning of the electrodes is not required
No generation of ozone
No emission of dust and electromagnetic noise
Plasma Abnormal Discharge Detection and Monitoring System

This is a device to monitor the anomalous discharge phenomenon in the vacuum plasma process on the semiconductor and LCD display manufacturing lines. By detecting anomalous discharge phenomenon and by identifying its cause, improved yield and better productivity is possible.
Highly sensitive detection of anomalous discharges using the unique electromagnetic field sensor and very high frequency signal processing unit.
No modification of the plasma device is required. It only requires installation of the electromagnetic field sensor to the view port.
Data collection for the process log (such as RF power) can be made simultaneously in addition to detection of the anomalous discharge.