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Showroom and Seminar Rooms

Show Rooms and Seminar Rooms Show Rooms and Seminar Rooms

We have our own showrooms and seminar rooms in the Annex Building of head offices where our customers can directly experience and understand the features and advantages of our products. We also have our own facility for the development and commercialization of better products.

1F Showrooms

1F Show Room

The showroom on the first floor is used by LAC Healthcare, which was spun off from Harada Corporation. Under the concept of ACTIVE & INDEPENDENT (an active and independent life), walking aids, lavatory and bathroom articles, and bedding articles with a Nordic design are exhibited to enable actual experience by the customer.

2F Showrooms and Seminar Rooms

2F Show Room and Seminar Room 2F Show Room and Seminar Room

On the second floor, a laboratory and a showroom are located where the air outlets we supply can be performance and sensory tested. A seminar room is also located where we can invite customers and provide training for our products, as well as we ourselves can hold periodical internal meetings.

2F Show Room and Seminar Room 2F Show Room and Seminar Room

Our Architectural and Industrial Products team handles products for the construction industry and has a laboratory for testing the air conditioning equipment. The floor area of the laboratory is 15 m2, where the performance and sensory tests of the air outlets for the air-conditioning system can be conducted, and it also serves as the showroom. Performance and sensory tests of the air outlets, such as the floor air outlets made by Krantz, Germany, our principal products, wall mounted air outlets, and ceiling mounted outlets can be made under different temperature and air flow conditions. We have many requests for measurement and sensory tests from customers, and we can provide opportunities to verify performance with actual products installed under actual conditions.