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Support for the Customer based on Many Years of Experience

Shipbuilding is a division with a long history and tradition in which we have specialized since the foundation of the company. We import and supply high-quality products from different parts of the world to shipyards in Japan based on a great deal of experience. Our service is not limited to the supply of products but also covers technical support for engineering coordination prior to manufacture of the products, providing instruction and training for the products at site, and commissioning of the products based on the know-how we have accumulated. Presently we are focusing on products for labor saving to offer the advantage of a reduction in the number of man-hours.

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Our Records and Experience

Shipbuilding industry is one of our major sector in which we have the longest history and a great deal of experience, and we have supplied many products to this industry as a reliable business partner. The vacuum toilet system and lighting equipment are one of our major products, and they are used on the luxury cruise ships, Diamond Princess and Sapphire Princess built in Nagasaki Shipyard of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. We also offer emergency firefighting pump, drinking water sterilizer, ship windows and other high quality foreign products that are widely used for exported vessels, and special vessels. Our service is not limited to supply the products but also covers the proposal of total solutions that bring benefit to the customer, technical support and after services based on abundant knowledge and experience. We will continue to be a reliable business partner for all of our customers.

CalmMoon Sheet


CalmMoon Sheet is a new type of damping material that enables easy installation 'Just to paste' and 'No curing time.' Even its thickness of 1.3 mm, this product provides excellent damping effect and total cost reduction due to its easy and short installation time. This product is used in various types of vessels such as the government operated Antarctic research ship, large ferries, and bulk cargo vessels, and it is highly valued in many customers.

Heat Shield Film

Eco Shield Film, heat shield film manufactured by Intercept, Japan reduces ultraviolet rays and near-infrared rays in the incoming sunrays and provides a comfortable in-room environment just by application on window glass. The film is clear and provides good visibility but still cuts out 75% of the heat. In summer, it prevents the in-room temperature from rising, and in winter, it prevents the escape of heat from inside the room, and thus improves the efficiency of air conditioning contributing to energy saving. The film is also effective in preventing the scattering of glass fragments when the window glass fractures and increases safety (the product is certified by Lloyd's as anti-shatter films and can be used on the windows of the wheelhouse.)

We also offer the Eco Shield Mirror, which is an aqueous heat shield paint. Coating this paint on the roofs and walls of the building will reject the penetration of heat rays. This product can be used on every type of surfaces such as concrete, slate, stainless steel, etc.