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The Safety Protection Industry

Keywords that represent the phenomena and substances adversely affecting human health, such as global warming, dioxins, asbestos, waste disposal, and infectious disease have emerged one after another recently, and we have to deal with such evolving issues. Materials for safety protection that we offer must respond to changing needs.

In order to respond to such changing needs, we intend to supply products in relatively small lots in close coordination with our collaborating suppliers in Japan and all over the world by consistently and precisely monitoring market trends with the safety of workers in mind who are engaged principally in steel production, shipbuilding, automobiles, and construction. We specialize in a variety of different types of Non-woven cloth products, cotton products, and PVC products, which are constantly being developed and improved.

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Our Records and Experience

  1. Countermeasures for heat stroke: We have developed and supply vests that incorporate cooling agents for use in working environments without air conditioning (construction, steel production, shipbuilding, etc.).
  2. Comwear (disposable coveralls made of Non-woven cloth): A film with relatively high barrier characteristics is coated on the surface of the cloth, and this is increasingly used as disposable protective clothing for handling asbestos and dioxin or for maintenance work in a manufacturing plant. It is also expected to be effectively used as protective clothing for infectious diseases in domestic animals, like bird flu, and for blood infection for use by paramedics. We offer three types depending on the applications (Type RWT, NS, and SMS).
  3. Leather gloves: Gloves made of natural leather resistant to heat, piercing, and oil. The leather gloves are used in steel production, automobile assembly work, and welding operations. The material used is either cowhide or pigskin.

CoolGuard S-type (Heat Stroke Prevention)

CoolGuard S-type (Heat Stroke Prevention)

Heat stroke is a physical disorder caused by heat built up inside the body or from outside, and we were the first supplier in the safety protection industry to supply products for protection against heat stroke about 10 years ago. CoolGuard S-type is a vest made of mesh fabric where the cooling agent is incorporated (a packet of cooling agent is inserted into the pocket of the vest) and worn under the work clothing. It maintains a comfortable temperature for a relatively long time to enable working in comfort. Additionally, we can offer a variety of products depending on the application.

Comwear RWT (Non-woven Disposable Coveralls)

Comwear RWT (Unwoven Disposable Coveralls)

Our history of disposable coveralls made of Non-woven cloth is relatively long, and we started offering different types about 15 years ago depending on the application. Among others, Comwear RWT utilizes polypropylene spun-bond Non-woven cloth as base material laminated with polyethylene film, which has relatively high moisture permeability, and it is highly rated as protective clothing for handling asbestos and dioxin with its excellent barrier characteristics. The need for protective clothing for infectious diseases of domestic animals and blood infections are also increasing. Three sizes, L, LL, and 3L are available.

Leather Gloves (Natural Leather Cowhide and Pigskin)

Leather Gloves (Natural Leather  Cowskin and Pigskin)

Leather gloves have been traditionally used in steel production, automobile assembly, and welding, and we supply leather gloves to customers in these industries. It becomes increasing difficult to acquire raw leather outside Japan, and the cost is rising in the originating countries (primarily China). We are striving to establish a stable supply of quality raw leather, and such efforts are highly appreciated by customers. We will continue to respond to customer needs despite such circumstances worldwide.