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Resolve the Shortage of Manpower with an Excellent Uniform

With a smart and functional uniform, the company image can be changed and it attract young people. And an uniform with the corporate message can be an appealing trade sign. Wearing an uniform with a message improve the quality of services, bring pride and motivation for working, and foster a sense of unity.

We do not simply sell uniforms-we have intensive preliminary discussions about the corporate image, color, design, functions, and work environment with the customer to express the corporate image with the uniform, including the design of the corporate log

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Permanent Recycling from Fabric to Fabric

Our uniforms are mainly made of polyester fabric. Uniforms that are no more used are recycled to raw material for polyester fiber using the technology developed by Teijin Fibers Limited and reused as material of new uniforms and petroleum that is an origin of polyester is not used. EX.Workers is a member of Eco-Circle (R) *1 organized by Teijin Fibers and aims at the Society with an Environmentally-Sound Material Cycle.

Because of the 100% recycling ratio, achieving the criteria for the Green Purchasing Law and for certification as "Eco-Mark" products is facilitated.

*1 What is eco-circle: Eco-circle is a recovery and recycling system for polyester fiber products by joint development, production, recovery, and recycling of products formed by registered member companies supporting the program. Recovered products are recycled as polyester fiber again primarily by the new material recycling technology.

Order-made Uniform from 300 units

Order-made Uniforms from as low as 150 sets

We produce an original uniform for each customer based on our unique know-how and according to the concept of EX., i.e., easy to move, work in comfort, and good-looking. We offer functional and good-looking uniforms at a reasonable cost to customers meeting their requirements after discussions about work conditions and the required functions of the uniform. Please feel free to ask us about the process from preparation of the design to delivery of the uniform.

Unit Cost Advantage due to Optional Free Inventory Service

The customer can enjoy the benefit of reduced cost if a large quantity is ordered at the same time, and we will keep your inventory free of charge in our warehouse for a maximum of six months. The release of the inventory can be requested any time within the six-month period. We usually recommend that the customer order a little larger quantity than the quantity immediately required including the quantity for anticipated replacement. Payment is requested based on the delivery of the products, which will facilitate budget control of the customer.