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Communication Measuring Equipments and Various Equipment

We offer a variety of different measuring equipments from Japan and other parts of the world for optical fiber communication, which is the mainstream for broadband communication, as well as information and communication technology products, such as products and materials for conventional copper cable and LAN communication, and protection systems for submarine cables. We have a lineup of compact and low cost measuring devices and tools best suited for supporting installation and maintenance of FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home), which is rapidly becoming popular.

We can assist customers who constantly seek to improve working efficiency and to reduce costs to improve the working environment through development of products that are useful at worksites. We continue to support maintenance of the ever-evolving communication infrastructure through sales of measuring equipments for IP protocols for the coming NGN service.

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Performance & Examples

We have delivered many small measuring equipments for fiber optics, copper cable fault locators, etc., to departments of large communication carriers responsible for installing and maintaining communication lines, or CATV companies and installer of communication lines, and they are used as standard equipment in the field. Our market is expected to expand to utilities, railways, and broadcasting companies beyond the traditional communication carriers with the increase in the optical fiber infrastructure. As for the protection system for submarine cable that provide protection against the harsh ocean environment, we have delivered products to large communication carriers and utility companies in Japan, and the market is also expected to expand to offshore wind farms, oil and gas fields with the increase in offshore resource development.


EXFO has a lot of unique test solutions.

Fully integrated multiservice test module is supporting next-generation SONET/SDH, optical transport network(OTN),Ethernet and FiberChannel test functions up to 10G. For 40G SONET/SDH solutions, we provide highly accurate test module and OSAs using in-band OSNR measurement. CD/PMD analyzers can test by single end like a OTDR and it locates fiber section that are large contributors to the total PMD of a link.
Moreover EXFO already released first portable 40G/100G Ethernet tester.

Fiber-Optic Measuring Devices

We have delivered a series of optical measuring equipments, optical power meters, light sources, optical fault locators (OTDR), and optical ID testers that are all compact, easy to use, and less costly to major communication carriers and installer of communication lines, and they are highly rated as a personalized instrument for individual persons in the maintenance of the growing FTTH network.

Optical strand adapter Depot and Bullet and versatile optical connector Quiklink, which are highly rated as unique products, are effective for increasing work efficiency. We also have a series of products, such as reinforcing sleeves for fusion splicing and cleaning material useful for maintaining quality and reducing costs.

Metal/Network Cable Measuring Devices

Our products are used for the maintenance of communication lines, such as cable fault locators, closure for repairs, heat shrink sheets, and sealing system for cable ducts, and are widely used by communication, utility, and railway service industries.

We also offer LAN cable testers and cabling materials for maintenance of LAN facilities. In particular, the LAN Master LAN connection tester, the Pinger ping tester, tone probe kit, VCSEL light source, and power meter for 10 G optical fiber are highly rated as products with features.

LAN Equipment

We have been selling Wire Xpert “WX-4500 Series” developed and produced in Singapore by Softing AG of Process Automation toward LAN cable and Optical Fiber installation work providers. This Field Tester makes it possible to confirm whether LAN(copper) or Optical Fiber cables have been installed properly at offices or factories comply with International Standard and national information wiring system standards. By changing the test adaptors, measurement of various kinds of things is possible, including optical fiber cables (Single Mode, Multi-Mode, 12-core MPO Multi-Mode), industrial Ethernet (M12), coaxial cables, patch cords, etc. We also domestically carry out calibration work for LAN (copper) Test Adaptor.

LAN Equipment

We offer the URADUCT, a submarine cable protector developed by Trelleborg Offshore UK Ltd., UK, for the submarine cable market in Japan. It is made of high performance polyurethane, and various sizes are available depending on the cable size and the protection requirements. URADUCT provides adequate protection for submarine communication and power cables against impact and friction so that they will last for more than 20 years. We also offer buoys, floats, fenders, and protectors used for various offshore activities in seabed exploration, oceanic research, and offshore engineering.


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