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Total Coordination?For the Worker

Within the pharmaceutical industry, which our Lab-Pharm Team serves, high level control of cleanliness and sterility is constantly required. On the other hand, such control requires burdensome work for workers, with the associated severe conditions. We respond to the demanding needs by offering products that can reduce workloads by pursuing comfort and workability of the workers. Our Lab-Pharm team serves the pharmaceutical industries (manufacturing and R&D) aiming to understand the needs of this industry, to listen to customer requirements, to generate ideas with customers, to develop proposals, and to provide customer satisfaction by offering shoes, garments, gloves, and masks as a total system.

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Performance and Examples

œ Sterile drug manufacturing plant (Injectable solutions, infusion solutions, eye drops, etc.): Autoclavable shoes/boots, autoclavable garments, sterilized gloves, sterilized masks, etc.
œ Solid medicine manufacturing plant ipowder, tablets, capsules, etc.): Clean room shoes/boots, clean room garments, clean room gloves, clean room masks, etc.

Bacterial Spore-Free gAseptically Filtrated Alcoholh

Bacterial Spore-Free gAseptically Filtrated Alcoholh

Klerwipe Pharma Ethanol is English-made Aseptically Filtrated Alcohol which is widely adopted in European countries that are advanced countries for PIC/S.
Its spray bottle with special structures prevents the air from flowing backward or being sucked in through the trigger nozzle, making it possible for gthe content sterilityh to remain for up to 6 months. Also, ample validation data based on actual deliveries in Europe, various certificates, etc. are available for this product, so very convenient to users who have been troubled with overseas inspections.

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Sterilized Disposable Garment gKIMTECH Pure A5h Sterilized Apparel

In a conventional cleanroom garment, a user has to touch its surface to put it on. That makes it necessary to consider a risk of germs being attached to it. However, in order to minimize this risk, the original packing method adopted for gKIMTECH Pure A5h Sterilized Apparel makes it possible for a user to change into it aseptically without touching its surface from gtaking it out to finishing putting it on.h

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Autoclavable Shoes/Boots?AC Shoes Grip ƒ¿ / AC Long Boots Grip ƒ¿

Autoclave Shoes/Boots -- AC Shoes Gripƒ¿ / AC Long Boots Gripƒ¿

Our products are developed in response to customer needs, such as better cushioning effect, less fatigue, and more gripping force.
œ Advantages (excellent grip): Because of the special design of the sole pattern the shoes provide secure support gripping the floor whether it is dry and wet. iCushioning effect) Excellent cushioning effect is provided owing to the unique molding process. The sole has a support at the arch, which guarantees comfort and reduces fatigue.

Autoclavable Garment?Superior PharmaWear

Autoclave Uniforms -- Superior PharmaWear

Workability and comfort are significantly improved from the conventional garment owing to its design as sportswear based on our clean technology developed for electronics and semiconductor industries. In response to customers, we can supply the garment semi-order basis. We can provide data on this product (particle generation, washing durability, permeability of bacteria, and particle generation due to movement).



We offer a wide range of gloves, such as sterilized gloves, for clean room operation and for general applications. Materials of the gloves we cover are natural rubber, nitrile rubber, PVC,@and polyethylene. We can meet any working conditions of the customer.