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Understanding Needs Overseas and Answering Them

Understanding Needs Overseas and Answering ThemWe have seven operation bases worldwide; three branch offices in Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea; two subsidiaries in China (Shanghai) and Thailand; and representative offices in Germany and the Philippines. Fully utilizing these overseas bases, our business is expanding continuously. We sell products made in Japan or made outside Japan in entire region of the world mainly the Southeast Asia through these operation bases by triangle trade and a consignment manufacturing trade network. We collect information from outside Japan and develop and distribute products.

Performance & Examples

We have more than 300 business customers in the principle area of hard disk drive, semiconductor, and LCD display manufacturers to whom we constantly supply clean room products.

Our business expands to food, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries. We established our own business and distribution network including product development tailor-made to local industries utilizing these sales bases. Products we offer expand from dust-free garments for electronics industries to dust-free garments for pharmaceutical plants and uniforms used in food production plants, and we also offer work gloves, wipers, work shoes, and other consumable products for various industries.

Solution Supplier Through a Global Network

Solution Supplier Through a Global NetworkSolution Supplier Through a Global Network

We offer products and services that will solve the problems of the customer based on the information collected by our network outside Japan.

We offer common products that can be used in the plant at any part of the world under the H-Tech brand, which contribute quality control in such plant.

For Corporations that Do Not Have an International Network But Would Like to Expand Abroad

We are always looking for new markets and products. We can acquire accurate information through market research utilizing these operation bases quickly. If you considering selling your products in overseas markets, we are always available to assist your needs.

For Corporations Who Want to Purchase Foreign Products

For Corporations Who Want to Purchase Foreign Products

Our proficient staff at each operation base in seven locations mainly in Southeast Asia collects precise information on local manufacturers. If you have interest in such manufacturers and their products, our network is always available to serve your needs.