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Food Production Facilities & Materials

We supply food production facility and equipment, raw materials, and materials used in production processes.

Production Facility
  • Production facility for bakery and confectionery industry : Rademaker BV, Netherlands, has abundant experience and the reputation as a world-class manufacturer of molding equipment for bakeries and confectionaries. In Japan, we represent them responding to customer needs with highly rated and dependable aftermarket service.
  • Raw material management system: Zeppelin Reimelt, Germany, is a famous name as a world-class total system manufacturer of raw material handling and management system with experience and contributes to improvements in production process efficiency.
Raw Materials and Indirect Materials
  • Releasing Agent: Releasing agent and its spraying machine for bakery production manufactured by Dubor, Germany (see below).
  • Food Stabilizer: Custom made hydrocolloids manufactured by Tate&Lyle Food Systems, Germany (see below).
  • Beverage related equipment: We respond customers' needs with the draft beer production equipment manufactured in Japan and the draft tower manufactured in Italy backed by long successful records.
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Our Records and Experience

We offer excellent production facility, raw materials, and sub materials from around the world principally from Europe to meet the customer's demand that is increasing need for safety and security with regard to food through the proposal of excellent products, established production management, and improvement in the production processes.

Our supply records in individual business: We supply production facility and equipment, as well as releasing agents and bread improver to bakery and confectionary businesses as explained above. We also offer stabilizing agents to the dairy products industry and production facilities to the beverage industry.

ドイツ デュボア社製 高品質離型油 トレンアクティブ

Rademaker BV have ample experiences and delivery records as a world-famous Dutch maker of bread and confectionery making machines and offer various solutions under the keywords of high quality, high efficiency and being hygienic. Further, they have been highly evaluated on the Japanese market for their made-to-order design meeting each customer’s requirements and reliable after-sale services.

Product Examples:

Laminator for puff pastry-yeast dough-danish/Croissant line/Universal line/Bread Line/Pizza Line/Pie(tart) Line/Flat Bread Line/Cake line/Cookie line

Germany - Reimelt Raw Material Management and Supply System

Zeppelin Reimelt is famous as a manufacturer of world-class raw material handling and management systems with a reputation for improving the production processes and production control that directly affects the safety and security of food. Inline shifters with a mesh screen detector and flour cooling system that effectively controls dough temperature are used in food plants worldwide as a dependable and proven long-selling system.

ドイツ デュボア社製 高品質離型油 トレンアクティブ

Dubor is a manufacturer specialized in release agents with more than 40 years of history. Trennaktiv, developed in Germany, a country famous for its bakery and confectionary businesses, is a high quality releasing agent based on vegetable oil that can be used in all types of cookies, western or Japanese.

Trennaktiv works fine with only a small amount applied even for products containing sugar and yolk owing to its high viscosity and excellent releasing property, and it is effective in reducing production costs. We also offer various types of spray units for efficient use of Dubor's release agents. The products cover simple hand spray type to fully automatic spray unit compatible for complicated work. (Rental equipment for testing on your site is available.)

Germany - G.C. Hahn Food Stabilizing Agent

Tate&Lyle Food Systems with its more than 150-year history is specialized in food stabilizer and emulsifying agents, and its products are used in dairy products, oil products, beverages, ready meals, sauce and ketchup, ham and sausages. We can offer custom made stabilizers that bring the best results with the dosage after comprehending the specific properties of raw materials, production facilities, and production processes unique to the customer, all of which are made under strict confidentiality arrangements to assist customers in developing original products, reducing production costs, and establishing the safety and security of food.