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Increasing Demand for Quality of Food and Hygiene Control

Food culture in Japan is significantly changing from dining at home to dining out. With such a trend, practices to ensure the quality of food by preventing the mixing of foreign substances, falling hair, and environmental problems becomes increasingly important, as they are embodied in HACCP. We will continue to increase customer satisfaction by offering products that are useful for the customer from the customer standpoint, through involvement in the issues of the mixing of foreign substances, hygiene control, and improvement of workability from different approaches.

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Versatile is a uniform equipped with all the desired functions as standard. Parts that enable quality control (measures for preventing the mixing of foreign substances), improvement in the work environment, and hard body movement. Fabric that resists electrostatic charges and guarantees easy clean up of hair and dust. As a result, the effect of the air shower is remarkably improved, which can be easily recognized once tried.

This uniform has outstanding moisture permeability and quick drying properties. Comfort is further increased by use of mesh fabric across the back. The material provides not only functionality but also durability owing to the consideration of such details as the sewing. It is a new type of uniform for the future.

VersaFit Cap

VersaFit Cap

The gap between the cap and the skin of the face must be eliminated in order to prevent falling hair. For conventional caps, training on how to wear the cap and control of wearing conditions are required.

Wearing the VersaFit Cap, everyone can effectively eliminate the gap because of its covering design that reduces the exposed areas of the face and the use of fitted elastic material.

VersaShoes α


Conventional shoes used in food manufacturing plants have little consideration for reducing fatigue by the cushioning effect and comfort because of the need to increase the gripping force.

VersaShoes α are new type of work shoes developed to reduce worker fatigue and ensure an adequate gripping force.