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Uniform and Cap for Food Factory

We have been supplying clean room uniforms for semiconductor industries, and we started to develop and supply uniforms, and caps for use in food manufacturing plants in response to increasing requests from food industries who suffer from the problem of mixing of foreign substances.

The uniforms we offer use fabrics that resist becoming statically charged compared to the clean room uniform and prevent the mixing of falling hair caused by electrostatic charges. Our uniforms also guarantee comfort even in highly humid and warm working environments in food manufacturing plants owing to the use of moisture permeable and quick drying fabrics and special designs and sewing.

The last stronghold in preventing the mixing of falling hair is the awareness of the workers; however, we stick to the performance of uniforms that effectively prevent falling hair when worn. Some of our customers have reported a 70% reduction in problems caused by falling hair.

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Uniform for Food Factory

Uniform for Food Factory

We have been putting quite new products on the market, always moving ahead of the industry requirements, such as those with countermeasures against foreign substances, hair and those for HACCP and with antifouling effects which are sought for by food factories.

Unlike other manufacturing facilities, a food factory is made up of different work environments such as a hot work site where cooking is done using fires, a relatively low-temperature work site where meat and fish are processed, and a very cold work site like cold storage warehouses. So, we have been doing researches day by day on uniform fabrics and specification so that comfortable work environments can be given to such harsh work sites. Also, in order to fully meet very strict quality control and quick, punctual deliveries required there, we have our uniforms sewn by our own manufacturing plant located in Vietnam.

At the present, our uniforms have been delivered and used not only in Japan but also in different other countries, including Southeast Asia, together with very favorable reputations.

Cap and Inner Cap for Food Factory

Cap and Inner Cap for Food Factory

Caps and inner caps are very important items because they are directly concerned with countermeasures against mixing of hairs. However, if they are worn too tightly, the wearer gets uncomfortable with increased fatigue and burdens. So, we would like to offer our products that meet two conflicting needs of measures against hair mixture and comfortability at the same time. Also, we can provide custom-made products meeting users’ special requirements.