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Medical Devices

Our medical business division has a long history of importing and distributing devices for medical applications. We are continuously striving to offer products that meet the needs of the time in response to rapidly progressing medical science.

We will continue to serve our customers by importing and distributing advanced medical devices from all over the world from a global viewpoint utilizing our network as a trading firm, with a focus on an aging society and a health-oriented society.

We also offer gloves, masks, and other additional products for medical applications.

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WIZAIR (Deep-Vein Thrombosis Prevention Device)

Deep-vein thrombosis (pulmonary thromboembolism) commonly called economy-class syndrome can occur when a person is hospitalized and before, during, or after surgery. If deep vein thrombus flows into the lung, it may cause pulmonary thromboembolism and may result in death.

WIZAIR has three sleeves to prevent deep-vein thrombosis.

This device can be operated by battery, and its size is compact so that it can be easily carried with the patient for uninterrupted use before, during, and after surgery. This is a unique feature of our product when compared with products from other companies.

Smokerlyzer: Measuring Device for Carbon Monoxide Concentration in Exhaled Breath (CO Monitor)

Measuring device for carbon monoxide concentration in the exhaled breath (CO monitor) is required to evaluate differences between smokers and non-smokers. It is also effective in maintaining one's motivation to stop the smoking habit.

There is a good correlation between the number of cigarettes per day and CO concentration in the exhaled breath. This device indicates a high CO concentration when the patient first visits the doctor and indicates a low CO concentration after the patient successfully stops smoking. This will support the motivation to stop smoking because it provides a visual indication of the reduction in the effects of smoking.