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Our Clean Technology (CT) Team deals with products for clean room operation and is engaged in activities in the following three areas.

  1. Clean environment improvement activities
    Our salespersons can propose solutions for improvement of the cleanliness level and increased yield of products to customers based on our abundant data and items available from us. We have our own testing laboratory in Yao city, Osaka, where we can measure and analyze dust emissions due to activities and from clean wear.
  2. Work environment improvement activities
    We offer items in consideration of safety at the customers' facility involving the various issues of the clean room environment such as discomfort due to clean wear, restrictions in movement, leg fatigue, pressure from gloves, and prevention of injury to the limbs.
  3. Environmental preservation activities
    We are actively involved in recovering and recycling the products used by our customers. Although there are items that are difficult to recycle due to the nature of the material used in the products, we continuously pursue environmentally friendly disposal methods for our products.
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Clean Room Gloves

Clean Room Gloves

We offer different types of gloves according to your application. For example, we offer gloves that fit well on hands for maintenance of machinery, gloves with low particle emissions and low ion elusion for applications that require cleanliness, and gloves resistant to chemicals and cutting, according to the purpose of operation by the customer.

Clean Room Wipes

Clean Room Wipes

We can offer different type of wipes used to remove dust and foreign substances from the work environment by wiping the surface of customers' products. We offer the most appropriate wipes from our product line based on judgment of the condition of the foreign substances to be removed, whether it is dry or wet, and whether it involves adhesive substances.

Clean Room Garment

Clean Room Garment & Shoes

Superior is a brand of clean room garment developed by us with the concept of superior comfort, cleanliness, and strength in its function as the name implies. Novel clean room shoes design incorporating the concept of sportswear is employed in order to improve comfort and to reduce fatigue of the operators during work.

Clean Room Sanitation and Maintenance Supplies

Clean Room Sanitation and Maintenance Supplies

We offer items required for cleaning-up the floors and walls to maintain cleanliness in the clean room, along with effective tools for chamber cleaning and the cleaning of the screen plate.

Wiping off dirt from the floor surface, byproducts in the chamber (deposition), and paste-like material attached to manufacturing equipment in the clean room requires time and labor. However, if such cleaning is neglected, product yields or utilization of the facility will decrease.

We offer effective tools in a package for cleaning, and we strongly recommend that you try such items.

Clean Room Masks

Clean Room Masks
Clean Room Mask (Worn)

Masks are items that should be always in contact with the skin of the face while a person is in the clean room, and we offer masks that keep the workers comfortable. The masks that we provide have excellent dust emission characteristics and are silicon free (manufactured in the clean room), and consideration is given to the selection of materials that is comfortable on the skin and that provides easy breathing.