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Description of the Business

We offer conceptual products with a sophisticated design that meets the requirements of the architects and mechanical engineers. Principal products we offer are air outlets.

We are the exclusive distributor of Krantz Komponenten, Germany, in Japan, and we are actively involved in product distribution and development as a manufacturer's representative for air outlets. Additionally, we are engaged in the Just-in-Time deposit and delivery operation of industrial materials and products based on know-how in international trade and logistics that we have acquired in the long history of the business.

We import and offer Foils and Metal Powders of Silver , Cupper , Aluminium , etc.

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Our Reference and Experience

Floor air outlets we offer are widely used in famous buildings such as Sendai Mediatheque (Sendai, Miyagi Pref., Japan), the head office of Dentsu Corporation (Tokyo, Japan), and Roppongi Hills (Tokyo, Japan).

As to air outlets for displacement ventilation system in factories, our reference list includes well-known manufacturers, such as the Toyota motor's plant in France, BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, Chrysler, and General Motors worldwide and in Japan, the Oyama Plant of Komatsu, Husqvarna Zenoah, Shiga Plant of TCM, the Hitachinaka Plant of Hitachi Construction Machinery, and the Musashi Plant of Bosch Japan. The Oyama Plant of Komatsu was awarded the Grand Prix from The Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) owing to introduction of our products.

Kratz Floor Ventilation Vents

We import, develop, and distribute unique products, such as floor air outlets (manufactured by Krantz Komponenten, Germany, or our own products) that are now in widely used, draft-free line diffusers, displacement ventilation outlets, and nozzle outelts, etc..

We have our own laboratory for air conditioning products, and it is used for performance measurement, sensory tests of airflows, and for product development.

Lower Costs with Krantz Displacement Ventilation System Vents
In European countries, displacement ventilation systems have been used in manufacturing plants since the 1980s for improvement of the factory environment and workers' health. Its significant effect on energy saving, reduction in CO2 emissions, and cost reduction is also drawing strong attention.


Krantz Draft-Free Line Diffuser IN-V

The conventional line diffusers have "high residual air velocity" problem especially in the office space with low ceiling height, and accordingly, anemostat type air outlets are frequently used. However, interior designers prefer to use line diffusers that look "cool", and line diffusers that can eliminate the problem have been expected for years. The draft-free line diffuser IN-V is the first line diffuser that can solve the problem of the conventional line diffuser, which also resolved competing requirements to eliminate the airflow and regulating the element to adjust the airflow including the full close position. This product was awarded the Best Excellence in 4th Environmental and Equipment Design Award.

Possible applications of these non ferrous metal foils are multiplied by surface finishing, surface treatment, and the metallic compound of metal foils. Reduced material input, flexible applicability and better handling: the metal foils of Schlenk meet the demand of many industries for reduced material input.

They support the development of smaller, lighter and high-performing products and preserve the environment by saving resources. The wide range of applications extends from photovoltaic solar modules, lithium-ion batteries, special batteries, heat exchangers, surface finishing, fuses, capacitors, transformers, electronics, medical technology, flexible printed circuit boards, all the way to special cables and flexible flat cables for state-of-the-art automobile technology.

SCHLENK Metal Foils specializes in the production of thinnest copper foils, copper alloys, nickel, nickel silver, resistance alloys, and fine silver.