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Mondomixer is a mixer used for continuous whipping of materials in the food production processes for confectionary, bakery, and dairy products. Continuous whipping is a process that mixes air or nitrogen gas foam effectively in liquid state material that flows constantly to reduce the specific gravity of the material and to form a spongy fine texture of the material.

Mondomixer is effectively used to produce a variety of food textures, to improve the quality of products, and to reduce the cost of raw materials. It is also used to develop new food products. Compared with the batch type mixer, it is possible to precisely control the mixing parameters of mixing speed, pressure, and temperature, and the Mondomixer is effective in reducing human error and the loss rate of materials.

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Our Records and Experience

We have delivered more than 300 units of Mondomixer in Japan, which is No. 1 in installed numbers in Europe.

Mondomixer is used to produce mousse-type chocolate (air-in type chocolate) in the chocolate manufacturing processes, whipped cream and cup desserts in the dairy products manufacturing processes, and sponge foaming of cakes in the bakery products manufacturing processes.

For dairy product manufacturers, we offer the Mondomixer satisfying the high hygiene standards using the unique sterilization system.

Mondomixer also allows a stable supply of bread dough by numerical control of the proper whipping conditions in the whipping process of different products and contributes to reducing the loss rate and simplifying the work procedure.

Advantages of the Continuous Aeration System
Advantage No. 1 Attainment of Labor Saving
Bowl lifting that is required after whipping the dough to filling process is no more required.
Advantage No. 2 Not susceptible to surrounding conditions
Because the processes from the dough storage tank to the filling machine becomes the enclosed process connected to the piping, dough will not be affected by the surrounding conditions, and the risk of mixing foreign matter is substantially reduced.
Advantage No. 3 Attainment of high stability in production
Because whipping process is numerically controlled, the quality of the dough is stabilized regardless of the operator.
Advantage No. 4 Attainment of finely whipped dough
Finely and neatly whipped dough can be obtained that is impossible by the batch type mixer.

Mondomixer for Production of Chemicals

Usage for Chemical Products

Mondomixer is used by customers involved in the manufacturing of chemicals such as aqueous polyurethane and latex. We offer a variety of foaming methods meeting the needs of the customer based on different types of foaming flow. A variety of options for chemical products are also available according to raw materials.

Overwhelming Experience and Knowhow, and Support Organization

Unparalleled Experience, Know-How, and Back-Up System

We provide suggestions and assistance to customers based on mechanical expertise, food production technologies, and software know-how accumulated in our experience in many applications. We are always prepared to support whipping trials of dough upon request by the customer. In Japan, we respond to customer requests by stocking consumable parts, services by the proficient service engineers, and close coordination with Haas-Mondomix B.V.