Business Overview

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Business Overview

Harada Corporation is a general trading firm with over 90 years of history. Our motto is flexibility. We actively develop new businesses foreseeing the needs of the time. Products we offer are goods and materials for specific industries covering semiconductors, shipbuilding, medical care, food manufacturing, and so on. We have offices in Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, and the Philippines, and established subsidiaries in China (Shanghai), Thailand. Utilizing networks in Japan and around the world and also our ability for information collecting and trade know-how, we quickly respond to diversified customer needs with genuinely valuable products, information, and services.

Our electronics and communications division supports electronics industries such as electronic devices, information and communication technologies, and offers solutions for most advanced technologies.

Electronics & Communication

Architecture and shipbuilding is a division with a tradition constituting the long history of Harada Corporation, and we offer total solutions for materials, engineering, and manufacturing operations based on the technologies and management capability accumulated over a long period of time.

Construction & Shipbuilding

We offer products from various parts of the world that meet the needs of the food industry such as food production environment control materials, food manufacturing facilities, and raw materials for food.

Food Manufacturing

Progress in medical care practice never stops. Our medical care division offers products responding to such needs advancing every day.

Medical Care

We assure of making peoplefs everyday life richer with gnew materials from all over the world,h gflexible ideash and gunlimited possibilities.h

anitary Goods-Unwoven Fabric Mask

We collect information on global needs with our seven operation bases outside Japan to develop products. Our field of activity is expanding continuously.